Leggendo l'Unita' sul lago Wobegon

Non so perche', ma l'ultima colonna di Garrison Keillor mi sembra ispirata alla vita politica di D'Alema:

"Back in those days I shopped at a spice store that carried 24 different kinds of oregano and I assembled an awesome collection of German knives. I got into arguments with other men over the comparative virginity of our respective olive oils [1]. I sneered at a man's salad once because his shaved parmigiano wasn't the right parmigiano and I happened to have some of that parmigiano on me and I showed him how to shave it thin and translucent as parmigiano should be shaved [2] and he shoved me away and we rolled around on the kitchen floor, punching and kicking and gouging each other. Now we're best friends [3]. Once I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. He told me that my dressing needed more vinegar. He was wrong about that. Dead wrong [4].

And then one day it was all over. I threw a dinner party for 12 and made gazpacho and risotto and tacos and osso buco and a gateau of Jell-O with marshmallows and served it with a Barolo, and when the guests left, delirious with pleasure, I put my whisk away and never looked back[5]. It simply wasn't fun anymore. A man comes to a point in life when he decides that he doesn't have to make the best risotto in town. It's not important.[6]"

[1] gli anni del bambino togliattiano, della fgci e del pci: interminabili discussioni a chiave sull'interpretazione autentica dei classici del pensiero marxista
[2] il "te lo faccio vedere io come si fa" caratteristico dell'uomo
[3] Veltroni, o forse un'allusione al patto della crostata
[4] Achille Occhetto?
[5] Le regionali del 2000
[6] Vissani, Vespa, il passaggio a Bruxelles, la presidenza della repubblica..

(ho appena scoperto che la Library dell'Universita' del Minnesota e' stata abbonata all'Unita' per decenni)

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